Creating Opportunities

Although I wasn’t able to participate in VetNet’s live online discussion on the “Value of Mentoring and Networking” — I did view the interaction after the fact and left this comment that I hope some folks will pick up on and respond:

I’m not a soldier. I’m a firefighter. I created to connect returning veterans with the volunteer fire service.

The fire service needs volunteers who understand the values of teamwork, discipline, respect and the chain-of-command. The fire service offers the camaraderie, adrenaline rush and sense of belonging and value that a lot of returning veterans miss about active duty. It’s a great match.

And given the PTSD and suicide issues amongst returning veterans, I’m convinced we can save lives by welcoming them home and into our fire service family.

In terms of job networking, the volunteer fire service is vast and offers the opportunity to connect with people who may be aware of employment opportunities for quality people where they work, or they may be employers themselves.

These are a few of the great reasons for veterans to continue their legacy of service to our country — by serving their community.

Check out We hope you’ll agree.

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