24/7 Non-Stop Community Service

My favorite kind of two-hatter was featured in the most recent edition of the National Guard’s GX Magazine: Those who wear both a soldier’s helmet and a fire helmet.

The featured Guardsman is Specialist Rob Fox — a Soldier in the California Army National Guard’s 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and firefighter with the San Diego Fire Department.

Like many of us serving our community, Fox, who is a husband and father, is challenged with devoting his time between the fire department, the Guard and his family.

And, like many Run-to-the-Curb kids, Rob Fox was inspired by his father’s service as a volunteer firefighter. Once he became a firefighter, he enjoyed the camaraderie of the firehouse and felt a sense of personal satisfaction every time he helped people. “Some of the character traits that I’ve learned are how to work in a team, and personal responsibility and pride in what you are doing,” he shares in the article.

Those are the same values that many soldiers report they miss about active duty — and the same values and benefits the volunteer fire service can offer returning veterans

Rob Fox certainly embodies the SoldierFirefighter.com theme of “Whichever Challenge You Choose: Serve Your Country. Serve Your Community.”

If you’re a 24/7 Non-Stop Public Servant — we want to share your story here at SoldierFirefighter.com. Fill out our simple “We Salute You!” form or drop me a line at tiger@tigerschmittendorf.com.

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