Welcome Home Soldier!

The Erie County Department of Emergency Services has launched a recruitment effort titled “Welcome Home Soldier!” as a means of inviting returning veterans to join the ranks of the volunteer fire and emergency services in their community.

“Seeing Red” is an alternate label for the campaign, offering soldiers the opportunity to trade their green camo for the opportunity to ride red fire engines and continue their legacy of service to their country and community. The program builds on the fact that both institutions share a common set of values and that the volunteer fire service offers returning troops the opportunity for a smoother transition back into civilian life following their combat duty.

Active duty, reserve, retired and National Guardsmen are ideal candidates for today’s fire service in that we don’t have to teach them discipline, respect, teamwork or the chain-of-command. Welcoming them home offers them the camaraderie, sense of belonging and purpose that they miss.

The Erie County Volunteer Fire Service says, “Welcome home soldier. We’ve been waiting for you.”

If you’re a returning veteran and think you might want to get involved and see what the volunteer fire service has to offer, please complete the connection form or contact the Erie County Division of Fire Safety at 716-681-7111 or fire@erie.gov and we’ll connect you with the appropriate fire department in your neighborhood.

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